“Paotung Krungthai” Merchant Application
“Paotung Krungthai” Merchant Application
Sell quickly and conveniently by using QR code payment
Receive instant notification
when you are paid
Check daily sales summary
Accept payment from any bank
Promptly receive money in your account
No more wasting time counting cash and giving change.
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Paotung Krungthai, an easier, safer and more convenient way to manage your money. Accept payment for product/service by using QR Code. Also, remain logged in after the first log-in. The application can be used on more than one device.
SMS Merchant Add-on
When you are paid by having your customer scanning your QR Code, SMS Merchant will send you a message to notify you of the payment. This is an add-on service to free push notification from Paotung application
Interested in becoming “Paotung Krungthai” merchant? Contact any Krungthai Bank near you to apply. (Find your nearest Krungthai Bank)
Required Documents for “Paotung Krungthai” merchant application
  • Krungthai bank account which has been registered for PromptPay service using tax ID.
  • Paotung Krungthai service application/amendment form