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Krungthai Bank’s Calendar Reaffirms Mission “Growing Together for Sustainability” with 2023 Calendar

Updated Date 15 Dec 2022

      Krungthai Bank is committed to operating it business with responsibility and takes into account sustainable growth as well as good corporate governance principles. At the same time, it endeavors to create balance among the three fronts — environmental, social and governance — which are the basis of improving quality of life. Through creating shared value initiatives, Krungthai Bank is keen to provide help equally to all.

     The bank’s 2023 calendar illustrates its vision “Growing Together for Sustainability” using projects and initiatives that correspond to important days of each month. These projects and initiatives are integrated into the bank’s business frameworks and aimed at reducing poverty, developing economic, improving quality of life and living conditions of communities and the society, so that we can grow together sustainably with all stakeholders.