CSR Project

Restoring Forests and Maintaining Ecological Balance
Updated Date14 Dec 2022

   Forest is an important source of natural water that is crucial for maintaining ecological balance and also a natural heritage that we must preserve. Realizing this, Krungthai Bank joined hands with Bajrasudha Kajanurak Foundation and Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) to restore forest areas in Sanam Chai Khet District, Chachoengsao, by planting trees and developing water resources for public use. This included devising a plan for developing, restoring and systematically managing water resources, which would lead to sustainable management practices.

Strategy กรุงไทยรักชุมชน

   Krungthai Bank has integrated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into the project operation, including Climate Action by raising awareness of climate change and providing equitable access to green public spaces as well as Life on Land by helping communities to maintain healthy forest by means of making monetary contribution to Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization) for sustainable water management.

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