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The Bank to Develop the Organization in Compliance with The PDO Guidelines to Support Changes
Updated Date4 Nov 2020


      In the midst of technological changes that affect business operations and revenue generation models, the Bank must change its organization in order to achieve sustainable growth. The Bank has implemented a Performance Driven Organization (PDO) culture as one of its business strategies. The Bank's operational management has been updated to provide a standard, transparency, and fairness by creating clearly established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with the Bank's strategic plan, which includes requiring a follow-up and performance appraisal of employees once a year so that supervisors can provide coaching and feedback, as well as reviewing and tracking subordinates. This will aid in improving employee efficiency and capacity. In addition, KPIs tie to compensation and refer to employee and customer satisfaction. It helps to generate incentives for workers to work and inspire them to stay committed to their employment.