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Waste Management
Updated Date2 Nov 2023

We, at Krungthai Bank, are committed to addressing the waste problem throughout the entire waste cycle, with the goal of minimizing waste sent to landfills. Our aim is to achieve zero waste, and to accomplish this, we have implemented a comprehensive waste management program within our organization. This program includes the installation of waste sorting bins, the deployment of Relife machines to collect plastic bottles for recycling into fiber, and the utilization of Inno Waste machines to convert food waste into compost. This compost is then distributed for gardening purposes, enriching soil, and restoring the ecological balance.

Through these efforts, we align our business operations with the United Nations’ sustainability framework and the Sustainable Development Goals, namely the goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities, which aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, and the goal of Responsible Consumption and Productions, which aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.