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Krungthai Bank achieves highest ‘AAA’ SET ESG Rating, reinforcing sustainable bank image

Updated Date 14 Nov 2023

Krungthai Bank achieves highest ‘AAA’ SET ESG Rating, reinforcing sustainable bank image

             Krungthai Bank, as a leading commercial bank in the country, is committed to developing financial products and services to meet the needs of customers in every aspect and constantly improve the quality of life of Thai people. The bank drives business while enhancing the balance in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects, considering all stakeholders, and strengthening the organization as it works its way to sustainable banking. Recently, the bank received the highest "AAA" rating in the SET ESG Ratings for the year 2023 from The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

            The SET ESG Ratings 2023 assess performance and disclosure in ESG aspects, particularly environmental policies and greenhouse gas emission reduction. The assessment criteria were developed in accordance with important national and international ESG risks and prospects. These are in line with Krungthai Bank’s operations under the concept “Reshaping Client Value Proposition,” which focuses on leveraging innovation to create greater value for customers while addressing sustainability. This principle supports the bank’s operations in all aspects to grow together with society, meeting the expectations of all stakeholders and enabling the organization to achieve steady and sustainable growth.

            In terms of the environment, the bank has developed financial products and services to support businesses and the public in handling and adapting to climate change.

            Regarding the social aspect, the bank contributes to improving financial inclusion among all groups of Thai people to ensure that they can access financial products and services transparently and safely through all channels, particularly digital ones like Paotang, Tung-Ngern, and Krungthai NEXT mobile applications, as well as Krungthai BUSINESS digital platform, which is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of Thai businesses.

            As for the governance aspect, the bank aims to build trust with its stakeholders by declaring a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and operating transparently and in compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations of the regulators. The bank fosters an organizational culture by instilling the five core values: Integrity, Breakthrough, Efficiency, Social and Teamwork, using an 'Inside-Out' approach. This approach allows managers and employees to participate in brainstorming sessions in various projects, focusing on innovation, development, and creating new things to enhance services and better meet the needs of all groups of customers

           Krungthai Bank would like to thank our customers, partners, and allies for their trust and steadfast commitment to move forward together, and lead the Thai economy towards sustainability.

Marketing Strategy Team
8 November 2023