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  • How was the feedback of this service?
    • Excellent feedback from other corporates and organizations.
      • The service was approved to be used nationwide by Bank of Thailand.
      • The MOU signing between Krungthai Bank and the Revenue Department for providing e-Withholding Tax service. The bank is subjected to directly submit tax forms to the Revenue Department.
      • The award winner from “Thailand ICT Excellence Awards 2012”.      
  • How can I pay for Krungthai e-Withholding Tax service?
      • Krungthai Convenience Cheque
      • Krungthai Convenience Fund Transfer
      • Krungthai e-Cheque
  • Where can I apply for the service?
    • At the Krungthai nearest branch or with our staff in order to apply for Krungthai e-Withholding Tax service.

Bulk Payment System (BPS)
Krungthai Convenience Cheque
  • Are there any options of electronic services?
    • Krungthai Convenience Fund Transfer service is available for customers to transfer money   with various service types including  direct credit , smart and Bahtnet. The company will send information including the withholding tax certificates and payment details via Krungthai Corporate online ,so the bank continue process of money and documents delivery to the receivers. 

  • What are the security and error identification process of Krungthai Convenience cheque system ?
    • The system assigns three levels of entry includes Company user maker, Company user checker and Company user authorizer for best security and send authorized pin code via SMS or e-token device.

      Also, the system will verify the information provided .Should the information is inaccurate , the system 

Krungthai E-Cheque
Krungthai e-BPP
  • How does each direct debit get deducted?
    • 2 service types available

      • Auto Approve : Instant debiting
      • Pre-Approve : Check for amount of outstanding debts and allow money deduction via Krungthai Corporate Online .
  • What is Krungthai e-BPP?
    • The system for checking on any outstanding debts and payment of products and services with via Krungthai Corporate Online

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