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  • Which types of securities that investors can subscribe through Money Connect by Krungthai Bank
    • Securities subscription provided by Krungthai Bank as the underwriter, for example:

      • Investment Unit is a financial product of Asset Management Company (AMC) that pools funds of many investors to invest in various types of securities e.g. stocks, bonds, or some combination of these and allocate the assets of the fund.
      • A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a type of “trust” of the company that invest in real estate and does not have a juristic person status.
      • Infrastructure Fund e.g. Thailand Future Fund is a financial instrument for raising capital in order to finance infrastructure projects across Thailand that are naturally huge in size and required a tremendous amount of capital. Thus the purpose of the infrastructure fund is to alleviate the government budget allocation for the country’s development.
      • Corporate Debt Instruments e.g. Corporate Debentures are corporate bonds/debentures which are issued by public limited companies, limited companies, authorized juristic persons. Bond/Debenture holders or investors will be paid a coupon rate for the duration of the bond and the rate is payable on specific dates until the bond matures.

  • There might be the case that investors acccess Money Connect by Krungthai but cannot view offered securities. Reasons may possibly be as follows.
      • It is not an offering period for that particular securities at the time user log-in.
      • Type of offering securities does not match with type of investor i.e. private placement to high net worth investors may not be visible to those not being tagged as high net worth clients.
      • Securities may be classified as “complex” structure or are not available for online subscription through Money Connect by Krungthai 

  • To search for securities that are being offered in the particular period and available for online subscription via Money Connect by Krungthai, the investor can look for information from the following channels.
      • Details regarding to the securities being offered at the particular period as well as subscription method are disclosed in the offering part of the prospectus submitted to the SEC
      • For online subscription via Money Connect by Krungthai, the list of securities available for subscription and all the relevant details are shown in the system
      • For more information, please contact Krungthai Bank branches or call center tel. 02-111-1111

  • Does Money Connect by Krungthai provide online subscription for all securities that Krungthai Bank is an underwriter?
    • No, There are some combination of financial instruments that cannot be subscribed through Money Connect by Krungthai, e.g. hybrid bond (perpetual subordinated bonds payable upon dissolution with the issuer’s right to redemption) or private placement of securities that shall be offered to financial institutions only. 

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