Money Transfer to Cambodia by ASEAN PAYMENT GATEWAY (APG)

Money Transfer to Cambodia by ASEAN PAYMENT GATEWAY (APG)

Easy..Confident..Safe..Get transfer full amount


Make a transfer at Krungthai Bank Branch during business hours or make transactions 24 hours on mobile via Web Application.
Transfer Money to Cambodia via trusted partner Bank
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The receiver gets money in Cambodian Riel (KHR).
(Receives in full amount to account)
Transfer Fee 150 THB/Transaction.

Money Transfer to Cambodia by ASEAN PAYMENT GATEWAY (APG)
Apply for money transfer service to Cambodia

1. Prepare valid document (not expired)

  • Thai: ID card
  • Foreign national:
    • Passport or Travel Document or Certificate of Identity(CI) or Temporary Passport, or Identification document at government agency or state owner nationality issued or a non-citizen identity card Thai or identity card of a person with no legal status register and
    • Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and
    • Stay Permit (Thor. Ror. 38/1)

2. Go to Krung Thai Bank branch

  • Proceed to open an account and apply for an ATM card
  • Customer fills in the application for “APG Money Transfer Service”
  • Register for APG service

3. Transfer money to Cambodia on mobile via Web Application and Krungthai Bank branches

Transfer money to Cambodia by yourself everytime everywhere,
by scan QR CODE or click

Transfer Fee and Channels Services

B.I.C (Cambodia) Bank PLC
Branch Web Application
Limit 100,000 THB/Transaction/Day
Normal Fee (THB)
150. 150.-

2 Channels Money transfer to Cambodia  (Transferor Pay with THB)

  • Make a transfer Via Krungthai Bank Branches nationwide  by deduct through account or cash payment  
  • Recommended!  Make a transfer to Cambodia via your mobile phone 24 hours by yourself  (deduct via account only)  Scan QR code on top website  or click

How to get money The recipient will receive the money in Cambodian Riel (KHR).

  • Transfer money to the receipient account (Transfer to account).

Period of receipt of money

  • For a transaction made before 2 p.m., the receiver gets the money to bank account on the same day
  • For a transaction made after 2. p.m., the receiver gets the money within the next business day.