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Krungthai set to launch Thailand’s first index linked note investing in 4 megatrends and ESG theme with full principal protection

Updated Date 31 Aug 2021
Continuing to develop products and services that meet future investment needs, Krungthai is launching “Krungthai iSTOXX® Global Transformation IXGTRSND Index Linked Note” which focuses investment in industries riding the 4 megatrends of global transformation and adhering to ESG principles.  The 4 megatrends include Connected World, Industry 4.0, Sustainable Growth and Better Healthcare - making the index linked note the first product of its kind in Thailand. It also boasts full principal protection and sustainable returns. 

Rawin Boonyanusasna, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Global Markets Group at Krungthai Bank, said that following the successful sale of the luxury-themed index linked note with full principal protection in June 2021, which was well-received beyond expectations by both new and existing customers, Krungthai Bank has speeded up the issuance of “Krungthai iSTOXX® Global Transformation IXGTRSND Index Linked Note”, a 5-year note linked to iSTOXX® thematic index which focuses the investment in companies that benefit from global future and ESG trends, e.g. Verizon, one of the leading 5G providers; Pfizer, a Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer; and Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of covid-19 prodrug Remdesivir. The new index linked note boasts full principal protection if held until maturity and periodic principal repayment over the 5-year life of the note. The Krungthai iSTOXX® Global Transformation IXGTRSND Index Linked Note will be available for sale between 6 - 9 September, 2021. 

As the world has been going through drastic transformation, with the spread of Covid-19 as an accelerator, behavior of consumers around the world has significantly changed. Technologies and online lifestyles have become more common in people’s lives, especially in the areas of shopping, working, education and healthcare. These changes are reflected in the 4 megatrends and the companies operating in businesses along the trends can expect high growth potential. The 4 megatrends are 1) connected world via 5G, cloud computing and video gaming; 2) Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things becoming increasingly important in people’s daily lives such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in devices, applications and social media; 3) sustainable growth and the use of renewable energy such as electric vehicles; and 4) better healthcare, which has gained more attention after the spread of Covid-19, and the adoption of technology in vaccine development, medical treatment and preventive healthcare such as biotech and robotic surgery to ensure better health and quality of life.

“These megatrends bring us the new investment opportunities benefiting from world class companies evolving in the global waves of change. The iSTOXX® Global Transformation IXGTRSND Index Linked Note does not only offer the investors the upside exposure on the Global Transformation trend, but also the advantages of this note, including a full principal protection by the AA+ rated Krungthai Bank and the periodic principal repayment over the note’s 5-year life,” added Mr Rawin. 

For more information, contact any Krungthai Bank branch nationwide or call 02-208-4691 and 02-208-4673. 

Marketing Strategy Team
31 August 2021