Local Education loan

Local Education loan

Get loan for actual expenses with upto 10 years repayment period.
with upto 10 years repayment period
Create bright future
with high credit limit for educational loan
Applicable for all levels of study
from kindergarten to university
Loan to cover actual expenses spent
Local Education loan
Credit limit Yearly interest rate (Based on collateral)

- Bachelor Degree
- Vocational degree
- Post-graduate degree

Actual expenses Saving accounts as collateral: Interest rate + 2% on top
Property as collateral : MRR-0.75%
Bondsman : MRR+3%
International and english program from kindergarten to high school level
Not exceeding 300,000 baht Saving accounts as collateral: Interest rate + 2% on top
Property as collateral : MRR-0.75%
Bondsman : MRR+3%

Service details

Local education loan covers  tuition fee, textbook and educational equipment for different educational levels in the institutions which the government approved.

Loanees’ Qualifications

  • Being loanee’s parents / guardians / relatives of the students or employees who would like to further study
  • Having fixed income or owning personal business
  • Being sui juris and age of the loanees when combined with the installment period must not exceed 65 years. Join borrower is possible and taken the youngest loanee‘s age as the main person for age limit calculation.
  • Having no bad financial records or  insolvency.

Bondsmen’s Qualifications

  • Being government officers / state enterprise employees / state organization employees with minimum salary of 15,000 baht.
  • Being private company employees with minimum salary of 20,000 baht
  • Owning personal business with monthly income of not less than 50,000 baht
  • Having no bad financial records or insolvency.

Required Documents

  • A copy of ID card, employee card of government officer or state organization card
  • A copy of census registration, marriage certificate, divorce certificate of loanees, bondsmen (If any) and spouse
  • A copy of certificate of change of name and / or surname (if any)
  • Income certificate or other documents showing reliable income of loanee, spouse (if any) and bondsmen
  • Student certificate / Educational certificate. Trainee and/or other university’s acceptance letters
  • Documents provided estimated study cost or study fee invoice from educational institutions

Terms for giving money for loanees

  • Money to be given for actual expenses spent on each particular semester