Home for Cash Loan

Home for Cash Loan

Turn your home to fast cash for all you need expenses
To spend on your dream
for all lifestyle‘s needs
Pay for life insurance premiums
Options of revolving loan and term loan available
Easy Application
for new and existing home loan customers
Home for Cash Loan
Repayment Period Annual interest rate EIR*
Term Loan
less than 2 years MRR 6.22%
over 2 years MRR – 0.5% 5.72%

**The loan repayment period will not exceed the repayment period specified in housing loan agreement.**

Types of loan

Interest Rate

Revolving Loan

MRR + 1.0%

**A one-year repayment period will be annually considered renewal for good repayment history customer.**

Credit Line:
  1. To be considered based on customers’ needs and repayment abilities.
  2. The total credit line including the existing mortgage loan balance and home for cash loan amount will be following the criteria below;
    1. Term Loan (T/L)
      • For general expenses : The credit line will be based on LTV (loan to value) ratio designated by the Bank.
      • For payment of life insurance premium : The credit line will not exceed actual premium paid. 
    2. Revolving Loan (R/L)
      • Credit line available between minimum of 50,000 baht and 1,000,000 baht maximum but will not exceed 80% of assessed collateral value. The revolving loan is not to be used in payment for life insurance premium.
For new housing-loan customers, credit limit for both 2.1 and/or 2.2 is based on assessed collateral value or actual purchase/sale price, whichever is the lower applies.
  • In case of Term Loan (T/L) and Revolving Loan (R/L) together, total credit line based on LTV (loan to value) ratio will not exceed that stated in (2.1).
  • The maximum credit line for new mortgage loan customers will be upto 5 millions baht.
  • The existing housing loan customers‘ total credit line of all loan types will not exceed 80% of the actual mortgage loan and maximum credit limit is at 5 millions baht.
  • The same collateral applied to mortgage loans is used in Home for Cash Loan.
Repayment Terms
  • For Term Loan (T/L), equal amount of capital borrowing and interest to be paid monthly
  • For Revolving Loan (R/L), interest to be paid monthly.
Required Documents (Borrowers and Guarantors)
  1. A valid national identification smart card, a government officer ID card, a state enterprise employee ID card of both the borrowers and the guarantors.
  2. Copies of house registration proof of the borrower and joint borrower.
  3. Marriage/ Divorce/ Death Certificate of spouse of both the borrower and joint borrower.
  4. Official paper certifying change of name and/ or family name of the borrower and joint borrower (if any).
  5. Salary or income certificate from employer ,the most recent salary slip of the borrower and joint borrower (original copy required).
  6. Borrower’s and joint borrower’s bank statements (all existing bank accounts) at least three months back.
  7. Proofs of right for collateral asset (copy of Title Deed/Nor. Sor. 3 Gor./condominium unit).
  8. Purchase/Sale Prospect Agreement, employment contract, construction blueprint, construction permit (if applicable).
  9. Receipts of the last three months installment payment from existing financial institutions, loan agreement, mortgage agreement in case of redemption request.
  10. Receipt of down payment.
**The terms and conditions are subject to the Bank discretion.