Krungthai Mastercard Debit Card

Krungthai Mastercard Debit Card

Answers you every payment, easy to use!
Purchase products and services everywhere 24 hours
where the Mastercard Debit symbol is displayed.
Secure your shopping online
by Mastercard ID Check
Check your balance
at Krungthai NEXT
Transaction at ATM from other banks
for free 4 times/month

Krungthai Mastercard Debit Card
Daily transaction credit limit Fee
  • Maximum 150,000 Baht per day
  • Maximum 20,000 Baht per withdraw
cross-region transactional office 15 Baht per transaction
cross-region transactional transfer at Krungthai ATM
  • Free for first time
  • Second and any other transfer transaction of the month will be liable to Baht 10 fee per transaction
No limit of transferring between Krungthai account -
Transfer to other bank account
  • Maximum 150,000 Baht

Maximum Online Retail Fund Transfer (ORFT)

  • Maximum 150,000 Baht
  • Maximum 50,000 Baht per transaction
Purchase product and service
Up to the balance of the account -
Buy-Sell Mutual fund
Buy 5,000,000 Baht -
Resale of mutual fund unit base on balance of the account -

What you should know
  • Maximum withdraw/transfer via ATM limit is 150,000 Baht/day.
  • Maximum purchase product & service via Ecommerce and EDC limit 500,000 Baht/day.
  • In case of increase or reduction limit, please contact Krungthai branches nationwide or Krungthai Contact Center 02-111-1111.
Easy to apply
  1. 15 years old and above
  2. Minimum required deposit at 500 Baht for saving account or Net Saving.
  3. Minimum required deposit at 10,000 Baht for current account.
  4. No minimum income requirement
Document of application
  1. Copy of valid National identification smart card or official identification card
  2. Book bank of saving account or account number of current account