Foreign Currency Deposit

Foreign Currency Deposit

Saving foreign currencies!!
Saving up to 11 foreign currencies
Convenience for ones who earn income in foreign currencies
Increase business opportunities and effective cost management

Foreign Currency Deposit
Interest Received
Saving account
Receive interests twice a year (June and December)
Fixed account
Receive an interest at maturity date. An interest rate is according to the date of deposit
Withdraw before maturity date will be deducted by 2% from interest rate
Current account
No interest

Foreign currency deposit interest rate as announced by the Bank

Withholding tax Rate
Withholding tax Rate More information
15% for Personal and Individual Tax exemption if receiving an interest not more than 20,000 baht annually

Detail of deposit
Condition Personal
Foreign currencies earned from overseas
Without obligation Unlimited deposit limit (SFCD)
Foreign currencies earned from domestic sources
With obligation The deposited amount must not exceed the limit of obligated disbursement (DFCD)
Without obligation USD 5,000,000 or equivalent in other currencies (DSFCD)
Thais Daily deposit not more than 10,000 USD or equivalent in other currencies
Foreigners Unlimited deposit limit

Fee Rates
Fee More Information
Foreign currencies earned from overseas
Deposit fee at 1%, minimum 500 baht
Withdrawal fee at 0.6% of amount in USD Other currencies 1% at minimum 500 baht
- Thai baht Exchange to Foreign Currency, deposit into the account utilizing SELLING T/T exchange rate
- Foreigners must present Work Permit and income statement. Able to buy not more than earned salary
  1. No deposit fee
  2. No withdrawal fee to exchange to baht
  3. No Commission in lieu of exchange: 1/4% or minimum at 500 baht on outward T/T but not exceeding deposit amount

Foreign Bank’s Charge

  1. Charge Ben (You do not pay any charge. Receiver receives your payment minus all charges)
    A Swift Charge of 20 USD
  2. Charge Our (All fees will be charged to you as sender. The receiver gets the full amount that you transfer.)
    A Swift Charge is 20 USD
International Money Transfer via Internet by the bank with inbound and outbound transfer advice through e-mail
No fee For deposit receiving from domestic sources, the maximum remaining balance per person (including all currencies and all banks) must not exceed the limit specified by the Bank of Thailand

  1. Unstable exchange rate
  2. Employment of T/T Selling rate by the bank in calculating the selling of foreign currency to be deposited in FCD
  3. Employment of T/T Buying rate by the bank in calculating the buying of foreign currency from a customer’s FCD account
Easy to apply
  • use only valid National identification smart card
Saving your foreign currencies with Krungthai
  • Open Foreign currencies account at all branches
  • Please contact Nana Nua office (Level 2) for more information
  • (6th floor), Nana Nua Building and other branches