Krungthai e-Logistics

Krungthai e-Logistics

Ultimate convenience for business owners to pay service fee of import and export business.
Convenient payment 24 hours daily
Easy with choices of payment types and self-payment
Real time tracking with free email or sms notifications
Secured with international standard
Krungthai e-Logistics

Krungthai e-Logistics is a service that facilitates payments relating to import and export service transactions. Customers can make the payment via Krungthai Corporate Online for 3 different organizations.
  1. The Thai Chamber of Commerce : Request for certificate of origins
  2. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited : Cargo e-payment
  3. Robber Authority of Thailand : (Rubber) Cess

The service available on Krungthai Corporate online 24 hours daily with direct debiting or pre-approval transactions with instant e-mail or sms notifications at customers’ preference.

Easy to apply
  • Have account with Krungthai Bank
  • Apply for auto debiting (CGP) service and choose service “Krungthai e-logistics”
  •  For pre-approval transactions service, customers must apply for Krungthai Corporate Online Service and choose “Outstanding Bill”


The Thai Chamber of Commerce ,
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited ,
Robber Authority of Thailand 

Payment of goods and services for import and export business.