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“Krungthai RELIFE” Turns Food Waste into Soil
Updated Date14 Dec 2022

  Soil is an important natural resource of an ecosystem and the basis of food security. Thus, good soil management can lead to solutions to poverty and hunger.

Under “Krungthai RELIFE” campaign, Krungthai Bank adopted a waste management innovation, Inno Waste machines, to transform food waste into quality soil and give the soil to employees, schools and communities for use in gardening. So far, the machines have transformed 7 tons of food waste into 2.3 tons of soil and reduced greenhouse gas emission by 19,506.30 kg.CO2e. Not only does the campaign benefit the public, it also promotes sustainable development and contributes to Krungthai Bank’s socially responsible efforts in business operations and the addressing of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Sustainable Cities and Communities as it contributes to the development of cities and communities’ air pollution and waste management. It also addresses Climate Action by contributing to improving education, awareness raising, and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation.