Education Loan for Study Overseas

Education Loan for Study Overseas

Shine your future with Krungthai education loan for study overseas
with credit limit of actual expenses spent
Worry - free
with maximum 10 years borrowing period
with the choice of guardians or students as applicants for loan service

HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Guarantee types & Interest rate/year
Saving account as collateral
Saving account ‘s Interest rate of the account payable by the bank and 2% added on top
Property as collateral
=> MRR-0.75%
=> MRR+3.00 %

*If the installment is missed, the payment will be calculated from the remaining balance with the highest interest rate announced by the Bank.
(18% / year as of now)

Service details

We provide loan for educational expenses for individuals wishing to further study overseas. The expenses may include tuition fee, textbook and study materials, and other relevant expenses.

  • The institutes certified by the Office of the Civil Service Commission
  • Language course or Intensive Course
  • Further study or Extensive course of the student’s occupational field
  • Expense for students of American Field Service (AFS)
  • Expense for students under projects of Educational centers who are members of TEICA  (Thai International Education Consultants Association)
Qualified applicants
  • Individuals who plan for study overseas or are studying overseas and have payroll account with Krungthai Bank
  • Parents or guardians of the students going for overseas study or currently studying overseas
  • Have stable income or own a business
  • Age  limitation
    • Age of parents or guardians as the loanees when combined with the installment period must not exceed 65 years.
    • Join borrower is possible and taken the youngest loanee‘s age as the main person for age limit calculation.
    • For educational loan for overseas study, the age of loanee when combined with installment period must not exceed 60 years.
Qualified bondsman
  • Being government officers/state enterprise employees/government organization employees with minimum salary of 15,000 baht or
  • Being private company employees with minimum salary of 20,000 baht or
  • Owning personal business with minimum monthly income of 50,000 baht
  • Having no bad financial records or insolvency
Required documents
  • A copy of ID card or government officer ID card or state enterprise employee ID card
  • A copy of census registration, marriage or divorce certificate of applicants, spouses, or bondsmen (if any)
  • A copy of certificate of change of name (if any)
  • Salary certificate letter or any financial documents showing reliable income of applicants, spouses (if any), and bondsmen.
  • Certificate of student status/transcript/or proof of acceptance from oversea university
  •  Certification documents from the consular affairs or embassy
  • Documents of estimated expense or receipt from the educational institutions