Multi-purpose Loan for Government Employees

Multi-purpose Loan
for Government Employees

Easy application loan for government employees
Maximum credit limit up to 5 times of income
not exceed 500,000 baht
Convenient repayment
via Auto Direct Debit from salary account
Easy application
simply having salary account with Krungthai bank
Easy to apply
Qualified applicants :
  1. Government employees with valid state working contract earning minimum of 30,000 baht salary
  2. Having salary account with Krungthai Bank with sufficient amount to repay the installment
  3. Never miss due payment.
  4. Being sui juris
  5. Able to provide a qualified bondsmen
Qualified bondsmen :
  • Government officers, government employees, or contract-based government employees of the same organizations of loanees. The bondsman is not required to work at the same workplace.
  • Term loan with maximum of 4 year period and not exceed the state’s working period contract.
Required documents
  1. Copy of National Identification card, government officials card or government employees or permanent employees of the state card and house registration of the loanees and bondsmen
  2. Original copy of income certificate or payroll slip of the loanees and bondsmen
  3. Bank Statements