Cyber Shopping Chill

Cyber Shopping Chill

Insurance for digital lifestyle
Premium is starting from 99 Baht per year
To protect your online transaction from online thief and online shopping fraud (do not receive your order more than 7 days)

Cyber Shopping Chill

Limit of Liability (THB)
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
1. 1. Theft of Funds Max Limit of Liability per year
5,000 20,000 50,000

2. Online Shopping Max Limit of Liability per year

3,000 6,500 9,000
Total Aggregated Limit
5,000 20,000 50,000
Annual Premium
99 209 399

Terms and Conditions :

  1. This package is available for the insured who is above 15 years old
  2. Does not cover any criminal, dishonest, reckless, deliberate or malicious conduct of you or members of your family or of any guest, paying-guest, employee, tenant or sub-tenant of yours or any member of your guest, paying-guest, tenant or sub-tenant's family.
  3. Does not cover any dishonest conduct of a third party who is or has been authorized by you to have access to your home or passwords or other access credentials for your computer system, payment card, online bank account or online wallet.
  4. Does not cover any losses or damages following physical theft or loss of payment cards
  5. Does not cover theft of funds involving online bank accounts, or payment cards issued by card issuers, which are not regulated/under financial institutions
  6. Does not cover use of data which you are not authorized to use
  • The Bank is only the insurance broker accommodating request for policy’s application.
  • Dhipaya Insurance Public Company limited is responsible insurer  
  • The buyer should thoroughly study the details of coverage, terms and conditions before purchasing.
  • The benefits and coverages and the exclusions are according to the conditions specified in policy, please study more in the policy.
  • Krungthai Bank Public Company limited as the brokerage firm with license no. ว00009/2548