Compulsory Motor Insurance
Compulsory Motor Insurance
Easy to apply for Compulsory motor insurance. Protection starts once
policy granted.
Protection limit up to 300,000 baht per person
Hospitalization up to 80,000 baht per person
Easy to apply
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Protection Protection Limit
1. Liability to damage to life, bodily injured, health of affected victims with no requirement for police investigation
  1.1 Hospitalization 30,000
  1.2 Loss of life, limbs or permanent total disablement 35,000
Maximum coverage for total sum of clause 1.1 and 1.2 65,000
2. Liability to damage besides the initial liability (The affected victims will receive this amount once proven to be the right of the accident)
  2.1 Hospitalization as a result of accident 80,000
  2.2 Loss of life, organs or permanent total disablement 300,000
  2.3 Loss of limbs 200,000 - 300,000
     2.3.1 Loss of wrist joints, arms or foot (at ankle joints), legs and sight (visually impaired). Any 2 of the mentioned loss combined together 300,000
     2.3.2 Loss of wrist joints, arms or foot (at ankle joints), legs and sight (visually impaired), hearing loss, speaking ability, reproduction ability, permanent mental illness or any organs loss 250,000
     2.3.3 Loss of one or more of fingers (at finger joints) 200,000
  2.4 Income benefit 200 baht a day as in-patient (maximum of 20 days coverage) 4,000
Clause 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 combined together must not exceed 304,000

Yearly premium (Baht)
Types of car Premiums inclusive of all taxes
7-seat passenger car (for private use) 645.21
15-seat passenger car (for private use) 1,182.35
Truck not exceeding 3 tons 967.28

Required documents
  • A copy of car registration manual
  • A copy of valid national identification card
  • Please ensure full understanding of details on all terms, conditions and coverage are met prior to apply for non-life insurance policy
  • Krungthai Panich Insurance Public company Limited and Thippaya Insurance Public company Limited are responsible insurers
  • The company reserve rights to change coverage details and premium rates without prior notice.
  • The bank is only the insurance broker accommodating request for policy’s application.
  • The bank reserve the rights to issue any terms and conditions.