Smart Saver 15/5 (Non-Participating)

Smart Saver 15/5 (Non-Participating)

Easy to apply via Krungthai Next
Short-term premium, pay premium for 5 years, 15 years of coverage, with a refund during the contract due to receive a lump sum
Get insurance without health check and do not have to answer health questions
Insurance premiums are used for personal income tax deduction of up to 100,000 baht in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Revenue Department.

Smart Saver 15/5 (Non-Participating)
Smart Saver 15/5 (Non-Participating)
Issued age
20 - 60 Year
Coverage period
15 Year
Premium Payment Period
5 Year
Sum Assured (SA)

20,000 baht - 300,000 baht
Maximum SA 5,000,000 baht per product

Accumulate SA for Guarantee Issue Offer application (GIO) maximum 20,000,000 baht per life

Premium Mode
Premium Type
Guarantee premium
Policy Benefit
1) Survival Benefit
3.5% of sum assured annually at the end of policy year 5 to 9.
6.0% of sum assured annually at the end of policy year 10 to 14.
2) Death Benefit
Death during policy year 1 : 101% of Sum Assured *
Death during policy year 2 : 202% of Sum Assured *
Death during policy year 3 : 315% of Sum Assured *
Death during policy year 4 : 420% of Sum Assured *
Death during policy year 5-15 : 525% of Sum Assured *
* or cash value, whichever is higher.
3) Maturity Benefit
At the end of coverage period, the company shall pay a Maturity Benefit at the rate of 540% of sum assured.
Right of the Policy
  • Right to surrender policy
  • Right to exercise policy loan
  • Right to exercise ETI
  • Right to exercise RPU
  • In case the insured use the right to exercise ETI or RPU, any cash drop benefit under this product will be terminate and the insured don’t have to paid premium anymore.
Underwriting criteria and other conditions
  • Underwriting by no health checkup and no health question
  • The company reserve the right to request financial statement
  • The company reserves the right to accept only the occupations are in the criteria that the company can acceptable. (Refer to the company's occupational schedule)
  • The company reserve the right to not allow change SA after policy approved.
  • Not allow to deposit Cash Drop with the company
  • Not allow to pay by credit card and CCPA
  • Not allow to be attached with the rider
Tax deduction
Insurance premiums can be tax deductible according to the conditions of the Revenue Department.


  • The bank is life insurance broker who provide the channel to buy life insurance only.
  • Life Insurer is Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited. 
  • Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited as a juristic broker with license No. Chor00023/2547
  • Buyers should have an understanding in the details of coverage and conditions before making a decision to purchase insurance every time.
  • Benefits, coverage and exclusions shall be in accordance with the insurance policy. Please study more details in the policy.