Krungthai Home Plus Debit Card

Krungthai Home Plus Debit Card

We care you and your home.



Plus Household insurance

Maximum coverage 200,000 baht.

Plus Home assistance

Access to Home Assistance for 24-hour emergency services

Plus Accident insurance

Maximum coverage 200,000 baht

Plus Medical expense

10,000 baht per accident.

Plus Convenience.

  • Free 4 transactions at ATM
  • Tap&go with Contactless card.
  • Enjoy shopping online.

Krungthai Home Plus Debit Card

Non-life Insurance Provider

Coverages & Sum Insured
Section 1 Coverage for Card Holder Accident Insurance Policy
1.  Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight or Permanent Disability (ORBOR 1)
1.1  Accident (Including murder and assault)
200,000 Baht
1.2  Riding or traveling on a motorcycle
60,000 Baht
2.  Medical expense per accident (Including murder and assault, riding or traveling on a motorcycle)
10,000 Baht
Section 2 Coverage for Household Insurance Policy
Loss or damage to the insured property within the building including insured property within the premise caused by
1.  Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Vehicle Impact, Aircraft and Water Damage
200,000 Baht
2.  Windstorm, Flood, Earthquake and Hail combined in single limit (be part of item no.1)
20,000 Baht

Other complete terms and conditions shall be as stated in the Thai original policy of Krungthai Home Plus Debit Card Insurance Policy. In case of discrepancy, the Thai original policy shall prevail.
Home Assistance for 24-hour emergency services (Call 0 2305 8774 )
Conditions of Home Assistance

1. Air conditioning issue
2. Plumbing issue
3. Electrical issue
4. Refrigerator/freezer/heater issue
5. Animal invasion

Service is within the limit of 1000 Baht including 24-hour service fee. Limited to 2 times a year
6. Spare house keys and Spare car keys
delivery of spare keys within 20 km.

Remark: Cards applied since January 1, 2022 are insured by Dhipaya Insurance PCL. and for cards applied before January 1, 2022, insured by Krungthai Panich Insurance PCL.

Easy to apply


  • 15-75 years old healthy, no part is disabled or insane, as well as no congenital disease
  • Cardholder can hold a maximum of 1 card and 1 card coverage per insured location.

Document for application

  • Valid National identification smart card or official identification card

Card Usage Limit

  • Cash withdrawal up to 150,000 baht / card / day.
  • Money Transfer up to 500,000 baht/day
  • Purchase for goods or services via EDC machine or E-Commerce up to 500,000 Baht/card/day