New Pattern of international money transfer service

New Pattern of international money transfer service

International Transfer Service at Krungthai Branches. 3X better prices.
Receiver gets the full transfer amount
3X better prices (compared to Swift money transfer fees)
Starting at only 499.-
Receiver gets the full transfer amount
Supports 4 major currencies
Including US / USD, UK / GBP, HK / HKD, SG / SGD
Transfers money through Near Real Time system
Receivers get the money immediately * or not more than 2 working days.
* Currency GBP, SGD
Better Rate
When transfer out through the Travel Card

New Pattern of international money transfer service

Terms of service
  • For individual customers of Krungthai Bank savings account only.
  • Transfer out  through Travel Card, limit equivalent to 100,000 baht / time, no limit on the number of transfer
  • Transfer out through bank account,  limit is not more than 500,000 baht / time and no evidence of transfer is required
  • The destination foreign bank account must be an individual.
  • Can transfer to the destination, including
    • United States - US dollar (USD) United Kingdom - British pound sterling (GBP) Hong Kong - Hong Kong dollar (HKD) Singapore - Singapore dollar (SGD) where funds will be deposited in the destination account for no more than 1-3 business days depending on the destination bank.
  • The transfer limit is no more than 500,000 baht per time and no evidence of transfer is required.
  • Transfer money to 20 branches that provide services.
  • In case that the money cannot be transferred to the recipient's account due to incomplete information or the destination bank refuses for any reasons and requires a refund, the bank will refund the money after deducting the fee at the bank's purchase exchange rate as of the refund date.
  • The bank has the right to change the terms, conditions, terms, benefits period and cancel this promotion. There will be notice at least 7 days prior to the implementation, unless there is a necessity that cannot be notified in advance. In the event of a dispute, the bank's decision is final.


Customers can transfer in 4 currencies: USD, GBP, HKD, SGD. Customers can transfer money to a destination country. Countries in that country currency are

  1. United States: US dollar (USD)
  2. United Kingdom: Pound sterling (GBP)
  3. Hong Kong: Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
  4. Singapore: Singapore dollar (SGD)

The destination bank will be paid immediately, or at the latest, no more than 2 working days (full amount received). Show the date on the receipt.

Proof of identity which is not beyond its expiry as follows

  1. Thai people = ID card / passport
  2. Foreigner = Passport

Customers can perform transactions according to the following objectives.

  • Shipping cost
  • Fares
  • Travel expenses - tourists
  • Travel expenses - students
  • Expenses for traveling abroad - others
  • Health service costs
  • Expenses by credit card or debit card
  • Other fees and commissions
  • Labor remittance income
  • Private grants
  • Import and export costs

Rejection is divided into 3 cases:

Case 1: Krungthai Bank rejects transaction if a customer has some risks. The bank can refuse the transaction immediately.

Case 2: The customer has completed the transaction at Krungthai Bank, but the order delivery system checked and found that the customer’s information is incorrect. The system will immediately reject money into the account.

Case 3: The customer completes a transaction at Krungthai Bank and the money has been transferred to Bene bank, but the destination bank checks that the information is wrong, Bene bank will reject the transaction (without returning the fee and using the exchange rate as of the date of transfer of the refund) period, subject to review and sending in the system