Convenient, Fast and Secured
No hassle to withdraw cash to deposit with other banks
Free risk from money lost & robbery
Fast, convenient and time-guaranteed service
Transfer to other banks at your preference
No limits on amount & times transfer
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Service details
  • Inbound Transfer - Transferring from other banks into Krungthai bank accounts
  • Outbound Transfer - Transferring from Krungthai bank accounts into other banks
Term and conditions
  • outbound transfer
    • Available at all Krungthai Bank branches
    • Fill out the transfer form
    • Pay the service fee with cash or cheque at the branch
    • Transfer of over 20 million baht , customers need to notify the bank and deposit the amount in your current account at least one day before date of transfer.
  • Inbound Transfer
    • Have accounts with Krungthai Bank
    • Notify transferors to transfer via Bahtnet system to Krungthai Bank
    • Transferees get full amount on the transaction. The service fee will be separately deducted on the other transaction list.
Service Hours
  • 8.30 AM. – 3.00 PM. on working days
  • Monday – Friday (For bank’s branch in department store, service is available since the opening time – 3.00 PM., except weekend and holidays)
    *In case of transferring after 3.00 PM., the approval from transferor bank needed and the transferee branch must be notified. Any transaction after 16.00, additional fee for 200 baht/transaction applies.
Service Quality Guarantee(SLA)
  • Inbound transfer – less than 30 minutes per transaction (From the time of money received by the bank till money received at the designated account)
  • Outbound transfer – less than 60 minutes per transaction (From the time which money transferred out from the transferor bank to the time money received by the transferee bank)
  • Any transfer of over 20 million baht without one day advanced notification to the bank - less than 180 minute per transaction
  • Available after transferring out
  • The receipt or lists of fund transferred in can be collected at the branch of the account holders.
Fee Rates
  • Per time charge policy
  • Collect charges from the transferor and transferee banks