Low Fees You can choose to transfer money abroad with the lowest fee.
Fast With the Near Real Time money transfer system, the money will be received within 5 minutes - not more than 2 working days*
Better Rate The exchange rate is cheaper. When transferring money abroad via Inter Wallet*

Simply International Transfer via Krungthai NEXT

Scan for download Krungthai NEXT application for international money transfer on your mobile 24 hrs.


โอนเงินต่างประเทศ ด้วย Krungthai NEXT

If you want to make an appointment to use the service at the branch To open an account and apply for an international money transfer service via Krungthai NEXT,
please fill out the information for the branch to contact you back and make an appointment.
*We reserve the right to fill in information only for services of foreign remittances.

Steps to transfer money abroad via Krungthai NEXT

Transfer money abroad
via Krungthai NEXT
  • Transfer money abroad
    via Krungthai NEXT
  • Set daily transfer limit
    on Krungthai NEXT

Log in + Password
Press menu “Services”
Select “International Transfer”
Select “Transfer money”

Select Destination Country and Currency
Recommended! Cheaper rate when transfer from Inter Wallet
Customer can transfer from foreign currency account (FCD)
Insert amount and system will be show exchange rate and amount automatically

System will be show overall details and fee
Insert bank’s recipient detail (SWIFT code / account number / routing number/ receipient name)
Insert receipient’s address / select “objective”
Check the details and press “confirm”

The system will show the overall details and the estimated date of the payment received.

Tab “Setting” and “Account Settings”
Tab “Manage Transfer limit”
Tab on 
Edit Transfer Limit
(Maximum 5 MB)

Insert OTP received, then system show “Success”

Foreign money transfer channels and fee rates

Standard fees
Krungthai NEXT
499 - 1,600 Not over 1,500,000
Promotion Fee
1 Sep – 31 Dec, 2021
*4 currencies, 4 countries participating: USD-USA, GBP-UK, SGD-SG, HKD-HK, transfer up to 500,000 Baht per transaction, unlimited number of times.
Branches Counter
499 - 1,600 Not over 1,500,000

Transfer via WARP system
  • Cheap, starting fee 499 .- *
  • Fast delivery, receive money within 5 minutes - no more than 2 working days *
  • Good rate when transferring with Inter Wallet.

GBP not more than 500,000 baht per transaction. Immediately - 1 Working Day Receiver get transfer full amount
SGD not more than 500,000 baht per transaction. Immediately - 1 Working Day Receiver get transfer full amount
USD not more than 500,000 baht per transaction. Not more than 1-2 Working days Receiver get transfer full amount
Hong Kong
HKD not more than 500,000 baht per transaction. Not more than 1-2 Working days Receiver get transfer full amount

*Terms and Conditions for receiving money are according to the destination bank

Note : Receiver get money faster if transfer before 2:00 pm. according to Thailand time.

Transfer via SWIFT system

  • Support 13 currencies more than 150 countries worldwide
  • Transfer via Krungthai NEXT
    • Charge Ben 300 baht
    • Charge Our Fee 1,100 -1,500 Baht *
  • Transfer through the bank counter
    • Charge Ben 400 baht
    • Charge Our fee 1,200 -1,600 baht *
  • Receive notification of transfer easily via e-mail with e-Advice service. Follow up of transfer via email free of charge. You can notify the bank for service at Tel. 02-208-4910 to 19.

Charge BEN / SHA is

  • The transferor is responsible for Krungthai Bank's overseas transfer fees.
  • The transferor will pay the transfer fee charged by the foreign bank. It will be deducted from the amount transferred. In which the transferee will receive the full amount
  • 400 baht and 300 baht fee when making transactions via Krungthai NEXT / every currency transaction.

Charge OUR is

  • The money transferor will be responsible for both expenses in the transfer of money abroad. So the destination receives the full amount *
  • Fee 1,200 baht / transaction (depending on currency)
  • GBP and EUR are charged at 1,600 / transaction.
  • In JPY currency, the charge is 400 baht + 0.05% of the remittance amount / transaction, minimum of JPY 5,000.

In case of making transactions via Internet Banking or Krungthai NEXT Application, a service fee discount is 100 baht / transaction.

Note: * The payee may not receive the full amount. It depends on the conditions of the receiving bank abroad.

Code of the recipient bank in which the recipient has an account.
You must have a 6-digit Sort Code number. The Sort Code is a number that is defined for the GBP currency so that each branch and bank in the UK is more convenient to communicate than a full bank name. Which consists of 6 numbers, e.g. 01-00-08 National Westminster Bank
Must have a 9-digit ABA Routing Number. ABA Number stands for Account bank's Association, or Routing Number, or Routing Transit Number, a bank agent code consisting of 9 digits, used for USD in the US currency.
Must contain the Transit Number 5 digits and Institution Number 3 digits Transit Number (Transit No.) is established for the Camada currency (CAD).
Tips! Money transfer to Canada Canada will ask you to clearly specify the name and address of the payee. Because if not specified Money cannot be transferred to the payee's account. However, the destination bank Will notify the transferor in advance
Must have a BSB Number of 6 digits BSB is defined for the Australian currency (AUD) as 6 digits, the same as the ABA No. or Routing No. or other, because it requires it to represent the bank in numerical form in order to make the process through a computer easily and quickly by BSB. The first number is the bank code, the third digit is the state name, the latter 3 digits are the 3rd Digit branch code.
xx-2-xxx Australian capital territory, New South Wales
xx-3-xxx Victoria
xx-4-xxx Queensland
xx-5-xxx sought Australia, Northern Territory
xx-6-xxx Western Australia
xx-7-xxx Tasmania
Information from
European countries Must have an account number in the form of IBAN Number only. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is the payee's account number with a bank in the European region. And the Middle East It is necessary to transfer funds to banks in Europe and the Middle East. The money transferor should inquire about the IBAN number from the overseas recipient before making an overseas remittance.
  • For Thai citizens, a document showing the purpose of the transfer is required.
  • For foreigners Use documents showing the source of income
    If you want to transfer money to a payee who has an account with a bank in the European region. Or the Middle East You will need to ask for the payee's account number according to the account number designation standard. (International Bank Account Number: IBAN) from the payee and notify the bank in order to specify in the money transfer order for the recipient to receive the money quickly. Send money transfer instructions to the sender bank Transfer advice

Reommended! How to transfer money abroad to get the cheap rate?

There are 3 ways to transfer money abroad at Krung Thai Bank.


  • Transfer from Inter Wallet * .... cheaper rate, you can save more money
    * Inter Wallet is an electronic foreign currency wallet or an online foreign currency wallet. Can be used by adding money from a bank account into the application. Customers will receive a better exchange rate.

Example: I want to transfer 3,000 USD to the USA.

Transfer from Exchange Rate * (USD) (Referred as of February 15, '21) Difference Amount  (baht) Save Fee
Inter Wallet 29.88 (Use the exchange rate in the mobile app) 0.19 89,640.- 570.- Transfer out via the original SWIFT system (baht) Transfer out via Krungthai WARP (THB)
Deposit Account 30.07
90,210.- 1,200.- Promotion! 55 THB transfer fee* When making a transaction via Krungthai NEXT
(1 Sep - 31 Dec, 2021)
  • Transfer from a bank account (CA / SA)
    You can transfer money abroad. By cutting through the bank account linked to Krungthai NEXT 24 hours a day (using the exchange rate on the date of transfer)
  • Transfer from Foreign Currency Deposit (FCD) account, can exchange money in FCD account, select exchange rate to purchase, prevent exchange rate fluctuation. Manage your money efficiently And can be transferred to the currency that can be stored through Krungthai NEXT 24 hours a day
    For more details, click

Good to know

  • The Bank of Thailand sets the maximum limit that you can transfer from Thailand. Depending on the source of money And / or the purpose of remittance Including supporting documents such as
Objective Supporting documents
Send income back to the country (Foreigner) Documents from the employer State the amount of your income
Pay for goods and services Invoice
Pay for education Documents from the university or school State the amount of the tuition fee or the school bill.


New smart foreign money transfer system for Thai people, "Cheap, Fast, Better Rate". The destination receives the full amount. Transfer to the destination faster than the SWIFT system

  • Through the WARP system, not more than 500,000 baht per transaction.
  • Through the SWIFT system, not more than 1,500,000 baht per transaction.

Mobile transfer via WARP

  • From 1-100,000, fee 499 baht per transaction
  • From 100,001 - 500,000, fee 799 per transaction

Transfer through the bank counter

  • From 1-100,000, fee 499 baht per transaction.
  • From 100,001 - 500,000 fees 799 per transaction

Transfer via SWIFT

Bank counter

  • Not more than 1,500,000 baht per transaction
    Charge Ben 400
    Charge Our 1,200 - 1,600

Mobile transfer

  • Not more than 1,500,000 baht per transaction
    Charge Ben 300
    Charge Our 1,100 - 1,500

  • Transfer via WARP (not more than 500,000 baht per transaction).
    Customers can transfer in 4 currencies, 4 destination countries: USD-America, GBP-UK, SGD-Singapore, HKD-Hong Kong.
  • Transfer via SWIFT (not more than 1,500,000 baht per transaction).
    Customers can transfer money from over 150 countries around the world.
  1. Inter Wallet
  2.  Deposit account baht
  3. Foreign Currency Deposit Account (FCD)

Terms and Conditions for Foreign Currency Transaction
Terms and Conditions for Foreign Currency Transaction  
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