PA365 (1 Baht A Day Insurance)

PA365 (1 Baht A Day Insurance)

Fulfill the coverage with special accident insurance for Krungthai’s
High sum insure up to THB 500,000 for personal accident coverage
Affordable premium at only 1 baht per day
The product is offered to Krungthai Bank’s saving account customers

PA365 (1 Baht A Day Insurance)
PA365 (1 Baht A Day Insurance)
Accidental death or total permanent disability from accident
Dismemberment from accidentccident
Loss of two hands from the wrist or two feet from the ankles or two eyes or two of the before mentioned organs
- Loss of one hand from the wrist or one foot from the ankles or one eye
- Loss of finger or toe (sum insured amount depend on number of joints)
5,000 – 125,000
Up to 500,000 Baht In total
Two deaf ears or dumb
one deaf ear
Annual premium including stamp duty
Annual premium including stamp duty
365 Baht
Payment mode
monthly/ annual
Right of the insured
Insured can cancel the insurance coverage within 15 days from the date of receiving insurance certificate

If the injury causes the insured to die, loss of organ, sight, listening, pronunciation or total permanent disability within 180 days from the accidental date or the injury causing the insured stay in the hospital as an inpatient and die because of that injury. The company will pay as following
  1. 100% of sum assured for death
  2. 100% of sum assured for total permanent disability and this disability is continuing at least 12 months from accidental date or has clearly medical indications that the insured is a total permanent disability.
  3. 100% of sum assured for two hands or two feet or two eyes
  4. 100% of sum assured for one hand from the wrist and one foot from the ankle
  5. 100% of sum assured for one hand from the wrist and one eye
  6. 100% of sum assured for one foot from the ankle and one eye
  7. 60% of sum assured for one hand from the wrist
  8. 60% of the sum assured for one foot from the ankle
  9. 60% of the sum assured for one eye
  10. 50% of the sum assured for two deaf ears or dumb
  11. 15% of the sum assured for one deaf ear
  12. 25% of the sum assured for the thumb (two joints)
  13. 10% of the sum assured for the thumb (one joint)
  14. 10% of the sum assured for the index finger (three joints)
  15. 8% of the sum assured for the index finger (two joints)
  16. 4% of the sum assured for the index finger (one joint)
  17. 5% of the sum assured for each other finger (not less than two joints), apart from the thumb and index finger
  18. 5% of the sum assured for hallex toe
  19. 1% of the sum assured for each other toe (not less than one joint), apart from the hallex toe
The company will pay compensation according to this item only for the highest item. Except
  1. in cases of permanent loss of fingers or toes, according to the list 1.12 to 1.19 and the insured cannot claim according to the list 1.1 to 1.9 and/or
  2. in case of deaf ear(s) or dumb according to the list 1.10 to 1.11. The company will pay for loss of each item, totally must not exceed the sum assured as specified in the table.
Exception of Coverage
  1. Any losses or damages due to or as a consequence of the following causes
    1. The insured’s act while under the action of liquor, narcotics, or hard drug until failure to remain conscious. In term of “while under the action of liquor”, blood alcohol level from 150 mg% and higher shall be considered as criteria.
    2. Suicide, attempted suicide, or self-attempted assault
    3. Infection except purulent pathogen or tetanus or hydrophobia due to accidental wound
    4. Treatment by medicine or surgical operation, except upon necessity to perform due to injury, which is covered under this policy, and performed within the period specified in the policy
    5. Miscarriage
    6. Tooth treatment, tooth root treatment, denture replacement or insertion, except the primary medical care as the result of accident
    7. Backpain due to Herniated disc, Spondylolisthesis, Degeneration or Spondylosis, Spondylitis, and Spondylolysis, except Fracture or Dislocation of backbone as the result of accident
    8. War (whether being announced or not), invasion or act of the foreign enemy, civil war, revolution, rebellion, the people’s rout until uprising to resist the government, riot, and strike
    9. Nuclear weapon, radiation, or radioactivity from nuclear fuels or from any nuclear wastes as the result of combustion of nuclear fuels and any nuclear fission process which is continuously carried on by itself.
    10. Being murdered or attacked.
  2. Any losses or damages arisen in the following time.
    1. While the insured is hunting in the forest, racing car, or racing all kinds of boats, racing horse, playing or competing all kinds of skis, competing skate, boxing, parachuting (except parachuting for rescue); while getting on or getting off or travelling in balloon or glider, playing bungee jump, climbing or hiking the mountain requiring diving aided tool of which air tank is required, and scuba.
    2. While the insured is riding or riding on motorcycle.
    3. While the insured is getting on or getting off, or while the insured is travelling by airplane which is not registered for transporting the passengers, and does not operate a commercial airline.
    4. While the insured is flying any aircraft or performing the aircrew duty in any aircraft.
    5. While the insured is involved in quarrel, or takes part in inciting to cause quarrel.
    6. While the insured is committing the crime with heavy offence, or while being arrested or escaping from an arrest.
    7. While the insured is performing the duty as soldier, police, or volunteer, and entering into war operation or suppression. However, if the said operation is more than thirty (30) days, the Company shall return premium from the entering period of war operations or suppression to the ending date of the said operation. After that, the policy shall be further effective until the expiration of the insurance period specified in the Policy Schedule.

Underwriting conditions
Insured age
15-60 years old
Occupation class
The product is offered to insured with occupation class 1 following to the list identified by the company
  1. Maximum 1 insurance plan per 1 person per year
  2. The insured must be in a good physical with no health conditions and pass the company approval
  3. The insured must have Thai nationality
  4. Others Terms and Conditions as identified by Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance

  • Life Insurer is Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited.
  • The bank is life insurance broker who provide the channel to buy life insurance only.
  • Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited as a juristic broker with license No. Chor00023/2547
  • Buyers should have an understanding in the details of coverage and conditions before making a decision to purchase insurance every time.
  • Benefits, coverage and exclusions shall be in accordance with the insurance policy. Please study more details in the policy.