Krungthai Kids Savings
Krungthai Kids Savings
Plant the seed of love for saving with your kids.
Choose the special
saving account offering maximum benefit.
Easy with no limitations
of deposit & withdrawals
Convenient with no requirements
for every month deposit
Special offer of interest
if deposit amount more than withdrawal amount
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Details Interest terms
Interest rate  Equal to normal saving accounts
Payment of interest  Pay on the last day of the month
Special bonus If deposit amount is more than the withdrawal amount, 100% bonus of interest rate will be granted on the beginning of the next month from the appointed interest payment date.

Service details
  • 1 account for one minor only
  • Minimum amount to open account is 2,000 baht and maximum at 1 million baht
  • No limits on withdrawal / deposit and transfer and not required to deposit money every month
  • After minors turning 15 years old, the kids saving account also turning into normal accounts
Required documents
  1. Valid national identification smart card of the guardians. If the ID smart card not readable, the following documents are required;
    • Copy of census registration or any government issue ID card with photo & ID number such as government officer card, state enterprise employee card, government organizations employee card or passport or driving license
  2. Valid national identification smart card of minors  or, copy of census registration and birth certificate (If the smart card is inaccessible).
  3. Permission letter to open bank account and financial transactions for minors signed by the guardian of minors
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