Current account
Current account
Fast, Convenient, Answers to all business needs.
Enhance your business efficiency
with Over Draft Account (OD)
Convenient and secured
for cash or pay cheques
Flexible for using cheques
with cash withdraw (at the Bank‘s limit)
Easy cash withdrawal with Krungthai Visa Debit Card
anywhere and anytime

HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Service details
  • Current account to cover all sizes of business operations
  • Easy to order payments, using cheques for payment, withdraw and deposit on different branches.
  • Cash credit withdrawal for current account
Recommendations for cheque usage
  • Cheque services such as cheque status, suspended cheque, lists of suspended cheque. Just call to Krungthai Call Center 02-111-1111 or Krungthai Tele Banking services
  • Always cross the cheques at the upper left corner with two diagonal lines to make them account payee only cheques, write the remark noted “no other receivers” or “A/C payee only“ on the crossing lines as mentioned
Minimum multiple opening the account and maintain the account status
  • Both as individuals and juristic person minimum of 10,000 baht back recline for opening account
Required documents
  1. Valid National Smart Identification Card
  2. if National Smart Identification Card is inaccessible, The following documents required;
    • Copy of census registration
    • Valid identification cards issued by government organizations with photo and national identification number such as government employee ID, enterprise officer ID, government organization employees ID, passport or driving license