Study Abroad Financial Services

Study Abroad Financial Services

Financial plans for overseas study. Simple &
complete service at once with Krungthai bank
Make step by step plan from travel preparation to complete your study
Well-prepared with documents for visa application
Easy to transfer study fee
Smooth for daily life spending
Study Abroad Financial Services

Financial services for complete education plan. The Bank offers step by step services as followed:


1st period : Before travel

  • Plan your finance by opening overseas account to receive satisfactory exchange rates and possible interest rate for some currencies. The study loan is also available for further advancement.
  • Payment of study and accommodation fee through SWIFT system at the Bank branch or Internet Banking, then the notifications of EMAIL from E-Advice Service will be sent. 
  • Application for study visa is easy. Krungthai bank will issue financial guarantee letter for visa application.
  • Special currency exchange rate offer before travel through 3 channels :
    1. Exchange Booth
    2. Any Krungthai bank branches
    3. International Hotline 02-208-4888, 02-208-3628-29 or 02-208-3654

 Tips for fast money transfer. The guardians can identify the transferees details as followed ;

  • Name and bank account number of transferees
  • Bank name and international bank code such as SWIFT CODE, IBAN, ABA NO.(Bank of America), SORT CODE (Great Britain), Transit No.(Canada), BSB (Australia), CNAP (China), IFSC (India)

2nd period : Making study and daily life easy

  • Krungthai Visa Debit / Krungthai Travel Card / Krungthai Credit card can be used to purchase goods and withdraw cash for ATM machines that the VISA Debit symbol is displayed.
  • Transfer money from Thailand to overseas. The student must have bank accounts in the country of study and guardians can transfer directly to those accounts.

3rd period : After graduation

 Exchange money to bring home with two easy choices.

  1.  Should the cash is in small amount, the cash could be carried back to Thailand and exchanged at any Krungthai branch . ( The bigger banknotes get better exchange rate than smaller banknotes.)
  2. Should the cash is in big amount, the student can contact their banks in overseas to transfer money directly to Krungthai bank by providing these following information ;

Additional Services


1. Personal accident and health  insurance for study overseas

Protection for accidents and health while travelling abroad. The insurance covers for hospitalization fee and require no advance-payment from assured person. Kindly contact for more information:

  • Krungthai Panich  Insurance Public Company lLmited
  • Phone: 02-624-1111
  • Tippaya Insurance Public Company Limited.
    Call Center: 1736       

2. Education loan for study overseas

  • 100 % credit limit of expenses for the study program completion
  • Low interest rate at MRR-0.75% /year  for the total length of repayment contract period
  • Maximum installment period of 10 years
  • Available for inbound and overseas study , language, training and exchange student programs such as AFS, AU Pair, Internship Program, Work and Travel, Summer Camp

Remarks: Service and products‘s terms and conditions are at the Bank’s discretion

3. Express international money transfer

Krungthai bank branches with Western Union service. Worldwide money transfer and receive money in few minutes without bank accounts required.