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Great Value! When applying Bann Man Jai Insurance (Confident Home) together with Home Fire Insurance with Dhipaya Insurance Plc.

Updated Date 5 May 2021


A customer who applies for Bann Man Jai Insurance (Confident Home) together with Home Fire Insurance with Dhipaya Insurance Plc. from 1 April – 31 December 2021 at Krungthai Bank, every branch as specified conditions. Get free POWERBUY air cleaning coupon for 1 time (Value Baht 500). 

Customer’s Special Privilege
Bann Man Jai Insurance (Confident Home) with Coverage Plan from 3 years above together with Home Fire Insurance

Free Power Buy air conditioner cleaning Coupon for 1 time
(Value Baht 500)

Campaign Condition

  1. Entitled policy must be new apply or reserve right in accordance with specified campaign time period only.
  2. Delivery of air conditioner cleaning coupon to a customer (The Insured) will be proceeded in a later month after new policy is applied and the premium has fully been settled as per address specified in the policy.
  3. All benefits from this campaign cannot be changed/exchanged to cash or transfer right to others.
  4. Other terms and conditions air conditioner cleaning coupon are as specified by Power Buy , For further information, please contact Power Buy  customer service Tel: 1324
  5. Right reserved in changing specified rules and conditions in this campaign. Should there be any argument, decision of the Bank is final. In order that, mainly depends on a customer’s benefit.
  6.  This promoting campaign is made by Krungthai Bank Plc., all conditions as designated by Dhipaya Insurance Plc.


  •  The Bank is only a broker who has introduced a customer for insurance
  • Insurance taken by Dhipaya Insurance Plc. 
  • Krungthai Bank Plc. acts as a juristic broker. License No. Wor.00009/2548
  • Purchaser should study coverage details and conditions prior making insurance
  • Benefits, Coverage and Exception are according to specified condition. Please read more details in the policy.