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Point to Invest! New Option to Convert Points into KTAM Mutual Funds with a KTC Credit Card

Updated Date 28 Jan 2021

Make easy investments without cash. Simply convert KTC credit card KTC FOREVER points into KTAM mutual funds. Redeem every 1,000 KTC FOREVER points into any mutual fund investment money valued at 100 Baht. 1 Jan – 31 Dec 21
Instructions to Redeem KTC FOREVER Points
  1. Investors may redeem KTC FOREVER points into investment money for any mutual funds from Krung Thai Asset Management Public Company Limited (originally only SSF/RMF investment funds).
  2. There is no minimum amount required for KTC FOREVER point redemption. The minimum amount required to purchase mutual funds is as specified by the prospectus.
  3. There is no time limit for redemption. 


  1. Methods to redeem KTC FOREVER Points
    Make a transaction via Krung Thai Asset Management Public Company Limited or a sales support agent by filling out an attachment form for investment fund orders and pay with KTC FOREVER points.
  2. Minimum fund purchase value shall be in accordance with prospectus. Investors should understand fund feature, returns, risk, and tax privileges in the investment manual before making investment decision