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Krungthai WARP International money transfer service…. smashed every record until the world stunned!

Updated Date 25 Nov 2020

Krungthai WARP

Krungthai WARP : International money transfer services at Krungthai  branches nationwide. The cheapest fee transfer, only 99 baht * (from normal 499- 799.-)

 Extremely cheap rate  when transfer out through the Travel Card*

 Receiver gets the transfer full amount.

 Supported 4 major currencies  including   (USD GBP SGD HKD)

Normal Fee (THB) Promotion Fee (THB)
1 – 100,000 Baht
499 99
100,001 – 500,000 Baht
799 99

Terms of service

  • For individual customers of Krungthai Bank savings account only.
  • Transfer out  through Travel Card, limit equivalent to 100,000 baht / time, no limit on the number of transfer
  • Transfer out through bank account,  limit is not more than 500,000 baht / time and no evidence of transfer is required
  • The destination foreign bank account must be an individual.
  • Can transfer to the destination, including
    • United States - US dollar (USD) United Kingdom - British pound sterling (GBP) Hong Kong - Hong Kong dollar (HKD) Singapore - Singapore dollar (SGD) where funds will be deposited in the destination account for no more than 1-3 business days depending on the destination bank.
  • The transfer limit is no more than 500,000 baht per time and no evidence of transfer is required.
  • Transfer money to 20 branches that provide services.
  • In case that the money cannot be transferred to the recipient's account due to incomplete information or the destination bank refuses for any reasons and requires a refund, the bank will refund the money after deducting the fee at the bank's purchase exchange rate as of the refund date.
  • The bank has the right to change the terms, conditions, terms, benefits period and cancel this promotion. There will be notice at least 7 days prior to the implementation, unless there is a necessity that cannot be notified in advance. In the event of a dispute, the bank's decision is final.