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Multi-purpose loan for pensioner! Fulfill all needs. Happiness has never retired.

Updated Date 1 Oct 2020

Multi-purpose loan for pensioner

Special MLR rate MLR - 1.90% per annum for 12 months*

Loan term
Loan term is up to 30 years
No age limit
No age limit for borrower
Interest-only repayment
Interest-only repayment is optional.
Loan Limit/Borrower Qualifications
  • The loan limit shall not exceed the remaining inherited gratuity of the borrower as the collateral.
  • The borrower must be a pensioner or a special pensioner, a monthly gratuity recipient or a special monthly gratuity recipient.
  • Available for new borrower or the existing borrower who requests for additional loan limit.
  • Use only the certificate of inherited gratuity as collateral.
*This is a special interest rate for new borrower who receive a monthly pension/gratuity only. Conditions are as specified by the Bank. Loan approval is under the discretion of the Bank. (MLR = 5.25% per annum as of September 1, 2020)
Submit a loan application within 31 December 2020.