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Let’s Explore Taiwan, the Land of Bubble Milk Tea, with Krungthai-Western Union

Updated Date 9 Nov 2023

Get a 4-day/3-night travel package to Taiwan, worth 26,000 baht*, with a total of 10 privileges available.

Exclusively for the first 10 customers with the highest amounts of international express money transfer via Western Union, while performing money transfer transactions for 4 consecutive months.

    Available via all 4 channels:
  • Krungthai NEXT
  • Krungthai Bank branches
  • Exchange booths
  • ATMs

*Terms and conditions

  • Customers must have the highest amount (volume) of international express money transfer via Western Union.
  • The Bank reserves the right to offer the reward to 10 customers who make international transfers via Western Union for 4 consecutive months in accordance with the specified conditions.
  • Only successful express international transfer transactions via Western Union are eligible.
  • In the case where the transaction is canceled or the money cannot be sent or received, the transaction will be regarded as an unsuccessful transfer and will not be eligible for the privilege.
  • Limit to a total of 10 privileges throughout the promotion.
  • Limit to 1 privilege of a travel package per customer throughout the promotion.
  • The promotion period starts from 1 November 2023 to 29 February 2024 (4 months in total).
  • bank will notify you within 30 days period,notified via the official bank website
  • Travel packages cannot be exchanged, returned or exchanged for cash in any case.
  • In the event that the customers are unable to join the trip at the designated date and time, it will be considered that you have waived your rights.
  • The Bank shall contact the qualified customers using the phone number and address provided to the Bank. Customers are required to update their information at any Bank Branches nationwide.
  • The Bank reserves the right to modify, amend, or cancel any part or all of the terms and conditions of this promotion, including the change to similar or equivalent privileges. Such changes will be announced or notified to customers at least 7 days prior to the effective date via the Bank’s website or other channels as determined by the Bank, unless there are circumstances that prevent advance notification. In the event of any disputes or disagreements related to this promotion, the Bank decision shall be final.
  • The Bank is not involved in the management of travel packages, routes, or the services provided by the travel agencies. Therefore, the Bank reserves the right not to be responsible in case of trip cancellation, essential travel-related circumstances, or any other issues arising from such travel packages and services. If there are issues or concerns, please contact the respective seller/manufacturer/service provider directly.
  • Other terms and conditions are as specified by the Bank.
  • The Bank places great importance on handling personal data in accordance with relevant laws. Customers can read and study the Bank’s privacy policy at https://krungthai.com/th/content/privacy-policy or through other channels specified by the Bank.
  • For further information about the express international transfer transactions via Western Union, please contact the Krungthai Contact Center at 02-111-1111.