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KTC PBerm Car Loan

Updated Date 7 Apr 2022

KTC PBerm Car Loan
Get big credit line immediately, approved in 2 hours.
  • Get big credit line (Up to 700,000 Baht), both in installments payment and revolving credit limit (cash card).
  • Get big credit line immediately*, approved in 2 hours.
  • Providing service for applying and checking the condition of the car at the location with the service 'PBerm Delivery'.
  • Easy to apply for any career.
  • Interest start at 0.98% per month*. Available for installments up to 60 months
  • Ready to receive 'KTC Cash Card PBerm' to withdraw cash anywhere, anytime.

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*Terms and conditions shall be specified by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited (“Company” or “KTC”)

**Interest rate of 0.98% per month or the equivalent of 21% per annum.