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How to Plan Your Life for the Aging Society?

Updated Date 5 Feb 2020
“Aging Society” have become more common these days. Due to advancements in medical technology that make our life getting longer, we should plan to deal with our future prudently. What should we do?
  • Prepare a house for living: you should think what type of residence you want to live, in a house or a room in condominium. This plan should be prepared while you are still working. Your house should be designed to be easy and convenient to stay such as you should avoid a split-level house and decorate with easy-to-clean furniture.
  • Prepare money to spend after having no income: design your financial plan after retirement by calculating how much money you would spend afterwards and how many years you have to collect money to reach your goal. You should start now!
  • Prepare health plan for sickness: apart from saving money, you may need to make life insurance or health insurance to prepare for upcoming emergencies.