Krungthai Fleet Card

Krungthai Fleet Card

The ultimate card that fits all your company’s needs. Turn the fuel cost management into an easy thing.
Boost your business’s cash flow. Enjoy upto 55-day credit payment terms.
Quick and convenient. No cash is needed.
Can be used at all accepting fuel service stations, nationwide.
Easy bill payment through Krungthai direct debit service or at all Krungthai branches
Krungthai Fleet Card

Fee Details

Fee Rates (Baht)

   Enrollment Fee

100 Baht

   Annual Fee

400 Baht

   A replacement/a new card issuance fee

50 Baht

Fees are exclusive of 7% VAT.
Interest rate and other fees (past due payment)
  • An annual Interest rate of 15 %
  • Finance Charge of 3% per annum
Krungthai Bank reserves the right to change the interest rates and other Fleet Card fees with prior notice.
Easy application steps
  1. Government Agencies and State Enterprise
    • Letter of Intent from the agency or enterprise
    • A copy of power of attorney for authorized signatory letter
    • A copy of national identification card, government officer card of the authorized signatory and the authorized representative of the agency
    • A copy of power of attorney letter for procurement of the authorized signatory.
    • Map (if any)
  2. PLC/CO.,LTD/ LTD./Charity and other juristic persons
    • A copy of company registration no later than 3 months from the application date
    • A copy of memorandum (if any)
    • A copy of national identification card of the authorized signatory and the authorized representative of the company
    • Letter of consent for information disclosure
    • Company’s map (if any)
Information for Safety
  1. Each fleet card could be used as an Identification card of the vehicle. The company’s department detail, vehicle’s brand and vehicle’s registration number are shown on the card.
  2. The card is protected by PIN number. If you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row, the card will be locked. (you can contact The Bank to unlock it and you can use the same card later) or use the signature written on the back to identify the person authorized to use it at accepting fuel service stations. 
  3. The type of the fuel can be determined on each card for instance,Benzine, Gasohol E20, E85, Diesel or NGV.
  4. You can set a usage limit in many ways for instance, by amount, by litre or by timeframe: per day, per week or per month.