Krungthai Single Payment PromptPay for Corporate

Krungthai Single Payment PromptPay for Corporate

A new and worry-free way for easy money transfer.
Easy transfer
with only mobile number, National Identification number or Corporate Taxpayer Identification Number
Secure and trusted
Show real time transfer result
Service fee is lower than other regular money transfer method
Krungthai Single Payment PromptPay for Corporate
Transaction Details Fee Rates (Baht)
Not exceed 100,000 Baht 10 Baht /transaction
Greater than 100,000 Baht upto the highest limited amount 15 Baht / transaction


The recipient will still get the money. However, it is advisable to check the transfer result with the bank and the recipient.

The fund will go into the former bank account that is linked to the former mobile phone number until a change or a cancellation is made. However, when there is a mobile number change, the new owner will not be able  to use the number to register for PromptPay until a cancellation from the previous owner is made. 

No. The service is provided within the country only.

Inform the concerned bank. According to the Thai Bankers Association guidelines, obligatory timeframes in dealing with this issue are:

  1. Because of technical errors at the bank’s end, the bank will investigate, notify and solve the case within 3 days.
  2. In case if submitted a wrong amount or a wrong account number; when both parties are at the same bank, the case will be verified and notified to the customers within 15 days. If the recipient is of other bank, the process would take 20 working days.

The transferors would not be able to process the transfer.