Krungthai Tax invoice
Krungthai Tax invoice
Easy and convenient payment via bank counters. Ready to issue receipts and tax invoice on the company’s behalf
Convenient with more choices for payment channels
Time-saving with tax invoice issue on the company’s behalf
Clear report with daily summary (on every working day)
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
service fee
Payment via Bank counters service fee
35 Baht
(Maximum at 50,000 Baht, any exceeding amount charges at 0.1% but not to exceed 1,000 Baht) The bank officer will notify of any extra fees to the customers.

The customer can contact The Bank to  pay bills either by cash or saving account transfer and request for full tax invoice with VAT on the actual date of payment only. Then, The Bank will issue the payment receipts and tax invoice (ABB) once payment received and later will send all payment documents for the company.
Required documents
  • Meeting report of juristic person committees stating the request to apply for bill payment service with The Bank. If the government departments / organizations or state enterprise organizations  apply for the Krungthai Bill payment service, the request for service letter must be signed by the highest authority person or attorney.
  • Copy of memorandum association and organizations’ terms and conditions
  • Copy of  juristic person registration letter (with the date of issue less than one month from application date) issued by the registrar of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Power of attorney letter (if applicable)
  • Copy of national identification card, government officer card or state enterprise employee card of the authorized signatory.
  • Photo of current or saving account books
  • MOU agreement for Krungthai Bill Payment of the Bank or the MOU agreement for Krungthai Bill Payment written by the applicants which are already agreed by the Bank and / or  Krungthai Bill Payment application form specifies details of  goods and services bill payment via various banking channels and service fees. The agreements must be signed by the highest authority person or attorney person and stamped with the company’s seal (if applicable). Also, all documents from clause 17.5.1-17.5.6 must be signed to certify true copies of original documents.
    The Bank and applicants can choose to sign either MOU Krungthai Bill Payment or Krungthai Bill Payment Application
  • Should the companies request the Bank to be the representative to issue the tax invoice and receipts for their customers  paying their bills via banking channels  as per bank regulations, the companies must submit the appointment letter  signed by the highest authority person / attorney person to appoint the Bank to be in charge of such duties.