Make scan-to-pay payments at Tung Ngern Merchants

while traveling in Thailand using your mobile banking application.
Support mobile banking applications from 7 countries.

Effortless scan-to-pay payments.
Confidence payments with our reliable and standardized system.
LAOS Tourists can make scan-to-pay payments

while traveling in Thailand.
using 6 different mobile banking applications
at Tung Ngern Merchants throughout the country.

Scan QR code to pay at merchants abroad using Krungthai NEXT
Effortless payments with immediate confirmation.
Pay with confidence in our reliable and standardized system.
Secure contactless payments. No cash needed.
Shop... Dine... Fly to Japan

Display QR code on Krungthai NEXT for quick merchant payments.

Assure with our reliable and standardized system
Convenient with cashless payment, easily pay with QR code
Secure contactless payments, no cash needed
Just Scan and Pay
Simple and hassle-free.
Receive a notification when the transaction is completed.
Touchless & Cashless
Experience the new normal of payments.
Good rates
Maximize your funds with our competitive rates.*
*Applicable when you choose to pay with the money in your Travel Card Wallet in Krungthai NEXT.
HIGHLIGHT จุดเด่นผลิตภัณฑ์

Foreign tourists can use their mobile banking app to pay for goods in Thailand by scanning QR codes generated by Krungthai Bank’s Tung Ngern or Paotung app

Supporting mobile banking apps from :

How to pay
  1. Open your preferred banking apps (DBS, OCBC, UOB)

  2. Scan Krungthai QR Code generated by Tung-Ngern or Paotung app provided by the merchant.

  3. Enter the purchase amount to make payment.

QR Cross Border Inbound Services
Convenient , easy to scan and pay, no hassle Know the payment results immediately
Secure, reliable connection standards
Contactless, reducing carrying and touching cash

You can scan and pay at QR Pao Tung/Tung Nrern or merchants that have the Cross-Border QR PAYMENT symbol all over Thailand.

Example : Tourist payment at merchants in Thailand

1. Scan Use the Mobile App of foreigners Scan Qr bag tung/money bag or shops with signs Cross-Border QR PAYMENT
2. Pay Specify the amount of Thai baht according to the product price you want to pay. The system will display the exchange rate and debited according to the currency of tourist
3. Payment Notification Customers and merchants receive Payment reminder

List of Mobile Applications that provide services


List of Mobile Applications that provide services








  • Know the results immediately after payment
  • No fees

Instructions for
Cross-border QR Code Payments
via Krungthai NEXT
Customer sacn QR code of merchants
  • Scan QR code to pay
  • Generate QR code to be scanned by merchant (Japan only)
  • View transaction history

Tap ‘Scan’.
Scan the QR code provided by the merchant.
Enter the purchase amount.
Confirm transaction details.

Enter your PIN.
QR code payment request submitted.
Check inbox for notification.
Select a QR payment notification for details.

Check the transaction result.
View the slip.

Tap ‘Scan’ from the app home page.
Select ‘QR to Pay’.
Select the account for fund withdrawal. Present the generated barcode or QR code for the merchant to scan. Click on the QR code or barcode to enlarge it.
View the barcode in full screen.

View the QR code in full screen.
Check the transaction details and tap ‘Confirm’.
Wait for the transaction to be processed.
Check the slip and tap ‘Done’ to return to the home page.

Tap ‘Services’.
Select ‘Inter Wallet’.
Choose ‘SGD’ to see payment transactions in SGD. Tap a transaction for details.
Tap to see the details of a refund transaction.
QR Code Cross Border Payment is an international payment service via QR code scanning. The service is currently available in several countries, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan. The details and conditions of the service are as follows.

Payment via QR Code scanning at overseas merchants. The service is currently available in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan.

  • Krungthai NEXT users must have their first name and last name registered in English in the Bank’s system.
  • The limit per transaction is 100,000 baht/transaction, and the daily limit is 500,000 baht/day.
  • There is no transaction fee.
  • Types of accounts eligible for the service include savings accounts, current accounts, and Travel Cards for individuals (Travel Cards support payments exclusively in Singapore).
  • The service is available at merchants that have the NETS QR Code symbol only.
  • Void or refund transactions cannot be made through the application.
  • If a refund is initiated based on the agreement between the customer and the merchant, the entire amount will be automatically reimbursed (using the same exchange rate as the initial payment transaction).
  • When making payments at merchants in Japan, customers need to generate a QR code using the Krungthai NEXT application. The merchant then scans the QR code to facilitate the payment for goods or services.

For Tung-Ngern and Paotung merchants to receive payments from foreigners via Thai QR Code Payment:

  • Merchants are required to utilize one of the eligible products (i.e. KTB(EDC), Paotung app, and Tung Ngern app) and be officially registered with the Bank as a merchant authorized to accept payments through the Thai QR Code Payment system.
  • If you encounter any transaction-related issues, kindly reach out to Tel. 02-1119999 and press 3 for merchant support.

* Terms and conditions are as specified by the Bank.

Terms and Conditions of Use of Services in relation to Krungthai NEXT
Terms and Conditions of Use of Services in relation to Krungthai NEXT  
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One Page - QRX_EN  
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