Steps for Transfer money to Myanmar via APG Web Application

How to apply money transfer to Myanmar via Web Application

Transfer money
  • Transfer money
  • Save the receipt into gallery
  • Checking transaction history
  • See Terms & Conditions
  • Create an icon at mobile screen

Click Enter Site
Insert ATM number 16 digits, ATM pin code, mobile phone number and click “Login”
The system will be sent OTP via SMS to your mobile number registered with Bank. Insert OTP 6 digits and click “Verify”
Choose “Accept”
*Click “Accept” Terms & Conditions in the first time access into APG web application

Select Account to transfer, fill amount* (THB) and click “Next”
*Maximum 100,000 THB/Day/Person
Select the destination Bank in Myanmar with receive method and click “Next”
Check the correctness of the details and click “Confirm”
System Pop up window to confirm the correctness and click “Confirm”

The system will be send SMS to your mobile registered with the bank for confirm the transaction.
System will be show completed transaction’s slip.

The system will send SMS and reference Code.
Choose “Save Image” & Download
System will save the slip into devices automatically.

Choose Drop down and click “History”
Choose Account, transaction month and tab to “transaction”
System will show the slip.

Choose Drop down and tab to “Terms & Conditions”
The system will show Terms & Conditions.

For convenience in the next time, you can create an icon at your mobile screen easily as follows:

Click  on your devices
Choose "Add to Home Screen"
Click to use it conveniently next time, without scanning QR CODE or entering LINK