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 Increase Liquidity  

Choose in accordance with your business needs   SME Loan Interest rate starting from 4% 

 Increase business efficiency with automation technology

SME Robotics and Automation Loan

 Large loan amount, long repayment period

Rak Gun Yao Yao SME Loan

 Income statement is used for credit consideration

Single-Account SMEs Loan

Take care of the environment and the community   

 Environmental Loan for Private Sector

Special! One-stop service for government auctions

 Convenient Money Management  

Krungthai Corporate Online

 Easy and verifiable fuel cost management in the organization

 Conveniently receive tax refunds into your account

 Warmly Take Care of Employees  

  Payroll & HRMS Solution

 Increase Business Stability  

 Krungthai SME Plus Insurance

 Make International Transactions Confidently  

  Trade & Remittance Anywhere

FX Hedging, Manage currency risks through FX Spot, Forward, Option.

 Real-time foreign exchange trading

 Krungthai Logistic Card

 Increase Agility, Increase Investment  

Investment Solutions

Investment Banking

Private Wealth Management

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Note : Conditions and criteria for credit approval are as specified by the Bank. | Interest rates and credit criteria are subject to the Bank's discretion or until further notice, MRR = 6.22% (according to the Bank's announcement as of 1 April 2021) | Interest rates and conditions for deposit products are as specified by the Bank. | Investors should study and understand the product's features, return conditions, and risks before making an investment decision. | The Bank is an insurance broker who provides a channel for insurance products distribution only. | Non-life insurances are provided by Krungthai Panich Insurance Public Company Limited. | Customers should thoroughly study and understand details of insurance coverage and conditions before making a decision to purchase an insurance every time. | Benefits, coverage and exclusions are in accordance with the conditions stated in the insurance policy. For more information, please read the insurance policy.ธุรกิจขนาดใหญ่-390x235-px.jpg