Sustainable Integration
Sustainable Strategy
Responsible Banking... Growing to a Sustainable Future.

Krungthai Bank has adhered throughout its banking business operation for over 40 years is to conduct the business with ethics and morality.
The Bank has good corporate governance with determination to develop wide-ranging and fully comprehensive products and services in response to customers of all ages and generations along the Bank’s vision of being the Convenience Bank. Moreover the Bank has attached the importance to equitable responsibility and treatment for all stakeholders as well as offering returns to the society and caring for the environment, that is, the Bank upholds its corporate social responsibility (CSR) by focusing on building intellectual capital through implementation of over 30 projects in diverse aspects of CSR in 77 provinces across the country.This is because the Bank believes that “intellectual capital is a sustainable and inexhaustible capital, and the more we use it the more it grows with greater value serving as a key fundamental for preserving and building wealth capital for always.”
1. Corporate Governance
2. Codes of conduct/Compliance/Corruption & Bribery
3. Emerging Risk
4. Materiality
5. Customer Relationship Management
6. Supplier Code of Conduct
7. Tax Strategy
8. Innovation
1. Social Reporting
2. Labor Practice Indicators and Human Rights
3. Human Capital Development
4. Human Resource Management
5. Occupational Safety and Health
6. Community Involvement
7. Stakeholder Engagement
1. Environmental Reporting
2. nvironmental Policy/Management System
3. Operational Eco-Efficiency
4. Biodiversity

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