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Developing and Conserving Bangkok’s Green Lung, Bang Krachao Wetland
Updated Date14 Dec 2022

     "Bang Krachao" in Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan, is a wetland with diverse ecosystems. Therefore, keeping the environment of Bang Krachao healthy is an important issue that requires collaborative efforts of all sectors.

     Krungthai Bank is one of the 34 organizations that came together to develop Bang Krachao into a source of oxygen for people living in the city. The bank also contributed to the development of financial literacy among the people in the community through activities promoting saving and career development activities, as well as introducing financial services and digital payment to help with selling their local products and generating income.

Conserving and restoring wetlands to maintain ecological balance

     As for green efforts, Krungthai Bank organized a volunteer forestation project and planted various plants on the 11.05 rai area, including cultivated banana, Siamese neem tree, Cassia, Ironwood, White meranti and Burma padauk. The project contributed to the conservation of Bang Krachao and its ecological balance. It integrated the addressing of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including Sustainable Cities and Communities in a way that it provided access to green public spaces, Climate Action in a way that it raised awareness, improved resilience and built people's capacity to adapt to climate change, and Life on Land as it promoted sustainable use of terrestrial resources by equipping them with knowledge they needed to conserve the wetland.

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