KRUNGTHAI Asset Management PCL.
Krungthai Asset Management PCL (KTAM) was renamed from formerly First Bangkok City Asset Management Co., Ltd. on August 4, 1999. Later KTBAM increased its registered capital from 100 million Bath to 200 million Bath on December 23, 1999 as the only asset management company with status of a state enterprise in which Krungthai bank PCL holds 100% stake.
Service provides by KTAM
KTAM offers asset management service to respective institutions, organizations/agencies and large state enterprises under its license of mutual fund management, personals fund management and provident fund management.
  • Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
  • KTAM Gold ETF Tracker Fund (GLD)
  • WISE KTAM CSI 300 China Tracker Fund (CHINA)
  • Long-Term Equity Fund (LTF)
  • Krungthai – Shariah Long-Term Equity Fund (KSLTF)
  • Krungthai Long-Term Equity Fund (KTLF)
  • Krungthai Long-Term Equity Fund 70/30 (KTLF70/30)
  • Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF)
  • Krungthai Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF1)
  • Krungthai – Shariah Retirement Mutual Fund (KSRMF)
Interested people can contact any convenience Krungthai branches nationwide.