KTB Leasing Company Limited (KTBL) was founded in October 2005 with an authorized capital of 100 million baht and Krung Thai Bank PCL held 100 percent stake. On September 27, 2011, Company was renamed in Thai from formerly “บริษัท เคทีบี ลีสซิ่ง จำกัด” (KTB Leasing Company Limited) to “บริษัท กรุงไทยธุรกิจลีสซิ่ง จำกัด” (Krungthai Leasing Company Limited). On November 3, 2014, the authorized capital was raised to 1,000 million baht from 100 million baht. On May 21, 2021, the major shareholders of the company were changed to Krungthai Card PLC held at a 75.05 percent stake and Krung Thai Bank PCL at a 24.95 percent stake.

Types of services provided by KTBL
Hire purchase and lease services that serve customers’ financial needs
  • "KTC P BERM” Car for Cash Loans Hire purchase service by using cars as collateral to supplement liquidity for debt-free car owners
  • "KTC P BERM” Auto Refinance Loans Hire purchase service for customers who have a car but are not yet the legal owner that need a lump sum cash or want to extend the repayment period and reduce the required monthly debt load to suit their financial liquidity.
  • "KTC P BERM” Used Cars Hire Purchase Loans Hire purchase service for customers who want to purchase used cars with the option to pay in installments according to the terms of the hire purchase contract. Ownership of the asset will be transferred to the customer after the installments under the contract have been paid in full and at the end of the contract
  • Financial Leases An asset or property leasing service for customers who conduct business for investment in the form of a medium to long-term credit (3-5 years). The lessee is required to pay the rent as agreed upon on the contract issue date and has the full right to utilize the asset or property for commercial purposes during the contract. It is a hire purchase contract with an agreement between 1-5 years for an asset or property used in business operations.

    Service Highlights

    • Fixed rental fee throughout the rental period
    • Flexible approval conditions according to each type of business