KTB Leasing Co., Ltd. (KTBL) was founded in October 2005 with registered capital of 100 million Baht and Krungthai Bank PCL holding 100% stake. The Company was renamed in Thai from formerly “เคทีบีลิสซิ่งจำกัด” to “กรุงไทยธุรกิจลิสซิ่งจำกัด” on September 27, 2011 while the English name remains unchanged.
Types of services provided by KTBL
  • Consumer Finance refers to hire purchase service for hire purchasing electric appliances, mobile phones, computers and many more items of goods allowing customers to choose to buy more than 500 products of over 60 brands
    Service Highlights
    • Easier and cheaper buy with pleasant installment payment
    • Better terms & conditions them on markets such as cheaper price, longer period of installment payment and lower interest rate than general market rates.
    • Approval result is know instantly
    • No guarantor requirement
  • Car Hire Purchase refers to service rendered to customers who wish to hire purchase cars of various types such as passenger cars, pick-up trucks and vans of all makes available in the markets.
    Service Highlights
    • Flexible conditions of installment payment to meet the customer needs.
    • No collateral security required
    • Small down payment with installment period of 84 months maximum and special interest rates available
    • Approval result is known quickly.
    • Customer can easily own a car.
  • KTBL Car Convenience Cash refers to service provided to customers needing cash to supplement liquidity through their own assets that can be used for applying this type of credit such as passenger car, pick-up truck and van.
    Service Highlight
    • Maximum credit line of 80% and long repayment period of 84 months.
    • Maximum car age including installment repayment period of as long as 20 years.
  • Financial Lease refers to service of leasing asset/property for customer who conduct business for investment in the form of medium term to long - term credit (3-5 years). The lessee is required to pay the rent as agreed upon on the date of executing the contract and can have full right to utilize the asset/property under lease for business.
    Service Highlight
    • Monthly rent paid can be deducted as expense in calculating corporate income tax which will be more useful than investing in cash.
    • Good choice of source of fund for investment without using large amount of investment to acquire asset/property
    • Reducing risk from interest rate volatility through fixed installment repayment through out lease period.
    • Fixed installment rent payment throughout lease period helping to reduce interest rate volatility risk and facilitating the lessee in managing cash flow each year thus boosting efficiency in financial planning for the future of business.
    • New alternative with no use of securities for guarantee.
    • Flexible conditions of leasing with quick process of approval.
  • Auto Maintenance Lease refers to lease of car, pickup truck and van for business use in the long term (3-5 years) under which the lessee pay monthly car rent according to lease agreement period. KTBL handles and manages all the matters of car/pickup truck/van on customer’s behalf such as registration fee, annual cartex, insurance premium including car maintenance cost with replacement car in case of leased car accident. All these services are provided to customers wishing to hire purchase passenger car of all makes, passenger van and pickup truck.
    Service Highlight
    • Reducing burden of management relating to cars and vans of the business
    • Able to prepare and allocate definite budget expenses since KTBL is responsible for costs of car maintenance.
    • Enjoying tax benefit because monthly rent paid can be deducted as expenses in calculation of corporate income tax.
    • Relieve burden of entrepreneur customer in wasting time and effect in car management or handling
Interested people can contact for service at any branch of Krungthai Bank across the country.
  • No. 20, Floors 6-8, Suanmali Building Yugala Road 2, Wat Dhebsirindra Pomprabsatruphai District, Bangkok 10100
  • Tel : 0-2299-3800
  • Call Center : 0-299-3888
  • Fax : 0-2299-3880