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Krungthai Bank Enhances its Operations with Customer Centric Principle
Updated Date4 Nov 2020

Customer Centric

One of the Krungthai Bank's important operational guidelines is responding to all customer needs. "Listening" is the key. Therefore, the Bank has set up a business unit to handle complaints and help customers in all dimensions. Suggestions and opinions from customers are used in the data analysis to find out their real needs, which leads to improvement in the Bank’s operations, such as providing services, and developing products that match customers’ needs. 

In case the customer encounters problems from using services, the Bank provides information and assistance to the customer in a timely manner through various social media and non-social media channels with an action plan and clear guidelines. This is done for the Bank's customers, stakeholders, people and communities who may be adversely affected by the Bank's operations. 

In addition, the Bank also gives importance to care and protection for customers and retail customers who use ​​savings and current deposits services. It has stipulated measures to take care of savings deposits in the event of robbery, fraud from electronic card/debit card/ATM card/prepaid card via ATM or internet services, robbery at ATMs by skimming, or cyber fraud (credit master, data breach, data compromise) with the details as follows.

  • The Bank provides a call center for customers to report incidents and suspends the use of the electronic card. 
  • The Bank allows the customers to turn on-off the use of electronic card via mobile banking application.
  • If the Bank detects any suspicious transaction, it will contact the customer and suspend the customer's electronic card.
  • In case of fraud, the Bank issues a new electronic card to customers without any fees. 
  • The Bank makes a chargeback for fraudulent transactions, returning money from the recipient account.
  • The Bank will remedy the customers affected by fraud according to its criteria and conditions. 
  • The Bank shares customers knowledge of cyber threat and how to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of scammers.