Corporate Governance Activities

KTB Compliance Champion
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       As Krungthai Bank’s Board of Directors gave priority to compliance with laws and regulations while operating our business and opposed bribery and corruption under the Zero Tolerance Policy, the Compliance and Legal Management Group launched KTB Compliance Champion project to create organizational culture of compliance within the Bank and raise awareness about the need to comply with laws and regulations. It also encouraged the employees to find ways to improve their work process and prevent risks that might occur from noncompliance, which would ultimately benefit the Bank and the employees themselves.

       Teams consisting of employees from all groups submitted their plans to participate in the project. These plans were all created with the aim to avoid or reduce noncompliance with laws and regulations, both enforced by the Bank and by its regulators. The teams whose plans had been screened and selected by their regional office, sector and group, shall underwent training, enabling them to implement their plans more effectively.

       Next step would be the second round of selection by expert panel. Each team would present their fine-tuned projects to the panel and other participants. The teams selected at this round would implement their plans and measure tangible achievement. Finally, the Compliance Committee would pick the most efficient plan and set it as a model for all employees, thus creating strong compliance culture within the Bank, becoming a model of compliance and transparent operation for other state agencies and ultimately, to truly gain public trust.